The Currents Sweeps the Audience Away

Imagine something like The Moth Radio Hour meets This American Life meets TED Talks. Then imagine it happening live at the Bay Spring Community Center.

It did this past Saturday night as we hosted the premiere of an original series at the Center called The Currents. The series brings together East Bay writers, storytellers, professors, artists, poets and more to talk about a single theme. The theme for the kick-off of The Currents was Transitions and we were honored to have five guests share their perspectives through art, writing, science, acting, and music:

  • Jorge Paricio – painter and member of the RISD faculty
  • Steve Clemens – marine geologist and Brown University faculty member
  • Jennifer Watson – writer, artist and first-time mom
  • Susan Collyer – oral historian, actor and director
  • Larson Gunness – musician

More than 40 people joined us for this first event and the response was tremendous with everyone asking when the next Currents would be held. We can’t wait either and will let you know all the details for Currents #2 very soon.



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