An Open Letter to Our Friends, Supporters, and Members

Dear friends and supporters,

Welcome to the 2015-2016 season at the Bay Spring Community Center (BSCC)! In the last year we did some extensive soul searching at the BSCC. I am very proud of the Strategic Planning Committee’s in-depth work and the Plan they created which will help guide us for the next three years. We were pleased that community members responded to our survey asking for input. Some heartfelt responses to the questions about the BSCC’s IMPACT included:

“First and foremost it should be felt within the Bay Spring area of the town. The local community should feel energized by the center’s presence. We should feel a sense of pride in its existence, be grateful for the leadership behind it and step up to be involved with it (something I need to do more of). The BSCC’s programs are a gift to the larger community as well and in that regard have an impact that reaches beyond the local neighborhood.”

It “provides a space for members of the community to gather and in doing so nurtures the connections between neighbors. Though the larger community benefits from and participates in the programs of the BSCC, the local community needs to take responsibility for it.”

The BSCC is clearly a valued treasure in Barrington. We are grateful for the Town of Barrington’s ongoing support of arts and culture at the Center. But we need the community’s on-going activism to keep building on the diverse arts and cultural programs occurring here. So please “step up to be involved with it” by joining a committee, helping with outdoor clean ups, and attending events, as “the community needs to take responsibility for it.” You, our volunteers, are vital for the continued activities at the Center.

A HUGE THANK YOU to outgoing board members Susan Wood (former Board Co-Chair and Treasurer who provided much time and energy to the Center), Gia Drummy (a former Secretary who provided many years of service to the Center), Bindu Mallick, Stephen Venuti, and Walter Barlow. All have been instrumental in growing and promoting the Center and its cultural programming.

WELCOME to our new board members! We are grateful for your growing commitment to the Center. You have all hit the ground running as we step into our busy season! Looking ahead this fall we are excited for the continuation of our Currents series and Local Brew Coffeehouses, as well as additional programming for youth in our community.

So please join us soon at these upcoming events, renew your annual membership, and support the Center by purchasing and displaying luminaries during our 4th annual Light Up the Night Fundraiser. And THANK YOU for supporting Arts and Culture in Barrington!

Sydney Montstream-Quas
Chair, Friends of the BSCC Board of Directors

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