An Open letter to Our Friends, Members, and Supporters

Dear friends and supporters

Like many of you, I was introduced to the Bay Spring Community Center through the Local Brew Coffeehouses. My wife and I would drive up from Bristol because the music was great and the venue…well, the venue was something special.

At the time we started attending events, it didn’t matter that we weren’t from the neighborhood. We received a warm welcome from the BSCC community, where we’ve since made wonderful, lasting friends, and become even more involved now as Barrington residents.

Chris Watson and young BSCC members announce the raffle winners at Harvest Fest 2015
Chris Watson and young BSCC members announce the raffle winners at Harvest Fest 2015

I think my story is a common one for many of you throughout Barrington, the East Bay, and beyond who discovered the BSCC through one of its many events. And for others, the BSCC has been a part of your history in the Bay Spring neighborhood. But at its core, the sense of community that comes with friends and neighbors gathering together keeps people returning again and again.

Thanks to you and our many passionate volunteers, the BSCC enjoys a vibrant present and a bright future. Last year, we launched a Three-year Strategic Plan and are working with the Town to make the Center a truly town-wide resource for arts and culture. Also part of this plan is to expand our outreach to seniors, and provide a safe venue for the spectacularly talented students in our town.

Like the many performers who grace the BSCC stage, I am thrilled at improvements in the performance space, including a new sound board, stage lighting, and a tech booth. These wonderful upgrades were made possible by your contributions, the support of the Town and the State, and the labor of many volunteers.

As we enter the 2016-2017 season, we’re seeing the return of old favorites, like our Harvest Fest, Local Brew, and The Currents, together with fresh voices, such as Django at Bay Spring. In preparation for the elections in November, we hope to bring candidates and neighbors together to discuss the issues.

The BSCC, now celebrating its 116th year, is a special place. It’s made so by the members who volunteer their time, creativity, and energy. Its heartbeat is the performers, artists, educators, and speakers who share their vision and ideas. And its spirit comes from the audiences from around the region who find joy in community and rock the building with applause, laughter, and conversation.

I hope you will join us in our mission to support arts, education, and culture for all. Bring a new friend to a show, volunteer at one of our events, purchase and display luminaries in December, and most importantly, become a member.

Thanks for being a part of the community, and I’ll see you upstairs in the ballroom,


Chris Watson

Chair, FBSCC Board of Directors