Town Council Prepares to Consider Parking Improvements

Over the course of the last year, the Town of Barrington contracted with outside experts to assess traffic and parking needs throughout the town, including around the Bay Spring Community Center.

The first proposed changes from that evaluation were presented at the September 2016 Town Council meeting, including an amendment (2016-9) to parking ordinances affecting the BSCC. Specifically, the blanket prohibition against all on-street parking on Narragansett will be adjusted to permit parking:

  • on the west side of Narragansett Avenue from Metropolitan Park Drive south to Bay Spring Avenue on the east side of Narragansett Avenue from Metropolitan Park Drive south to a point 20 feet south of the driveway across from Allen Avenue;
  • from Bay Spring Avenue to Utility Pole 18; and from Utility Pole 19 south to Latham Avenue.

This and other parking amendments will be discussed and public comment accepted at the next Town Council meeting on October 4, 2016.

“These proposed changes will go a long way to alleviating the confusion about where community members and visitors to the BSCC can legally park as well as ensure that there is safe parking for everyone,” remarked Chris Watson, Chair of the FBSCC Board of Directors. “I plan to speak in favor of this amendment at the Town Council meeting and invite our members and supporters to join me and publicly support this change on October 4.”

For details about the meeting as well as a copy of the proposed amendments, visit

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