Letter to the Editor: Thanks for Preserving the Bay Spring Community Center

(originally printed in the July 12, 2017, edition of the Barrington Times)

To the editor of the Barrington Times,

For more than 105 years, the Bay Spring Community Center has been helping friends, families, and neighbors from around Barrington. Now, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the BSCC (FBSCC), I extend our heartfelt appreciation to the community members who came to the aid of the BSCC when help was needed.

On Wednesday, June 21, children playing behind the former firehouse set fire to leaves and brush. The flames caught the shingles along the back of the building and, if not doused quickly, could have led to major damage to or the loss of the Center.

Instead, damage was minimal thanks to the quick actions of neighbor Kristin Masse, who called 911 and sought to extinguish the flames; Barrington’s firefighters, who responded quickly to the alarm; and the Barrington Police Department’s investigators, who identified the parties involved. Without their aid, we could have easily lost this tremendous community resource and the home to more than 30 musical, arts, theatrical, and community events every year.

The members of the FBSCC are proud to work in public/private partnership with the Town of Barrington and its leadership to maintain this historic building. Future enhancements, including a new outdoor performance space, expanded outreach to seniors and students, and a potential refurbishment of the building’s exterior, will help the BSCC continue its mission to ensure that arts and culture thrive in Barrington. We are only able to do that thanks to our members and supporters, our volunteers, the Town, and, most recently, our neighbors and the first responders who ensured we still have a building to call home.

Chris Watson
Chairman, FBSCC Board of Directors