Songwriting Workshops Continue Virtually with BSCC Artist-in-Residence Mark Cutler

Starting in 2019, RI Music Hall of Fame Inductee Mark Cutler has been offering a popular songwriting series at BSCC.  Once a month, he walks participants through the creative magic of writing songs.  Everyone is welcome to be part of the collaborative process – whether you consider yourself to be a musician or not!  You’ll be amazed at the music that is written and often recorded during these sessions.

Mark runs each songwriting workshop in the spirit of his successful “The Same Thing Project” – a creative experience for people from all walks of life.

In Mark’s words…

“We provide a place where you don’t have to be skilled at a musical instrument in order to be musical. The goal is to have a place where someone can be part of a creative community that is open, non-judgmental and encouraging.

It’s our belief that the world is a better place when people can express themselves in an imaginative way.  A society is measured by how much it nurtures its arts and culture. People appreciate the arts more when they themselves take part in creating it (whatever that might be).  People are never too old or young to learn something new or to write a song. You can see that spark of inspiration go on in young kids, retired newspaper writers and the father and son who take lessons so that they can play guitars together. People who take part, know the feeling of being in the midst of the creative process. We want others in the community to experience it.”

About the artist…

Mark Cutler, director of The Same Thing Project, is a singer/songwriter who resides in the state of Rhode Island. Rockers, cowpokes and punks have covered his songs. In the days before corporate playlists, Mark’s meticulously crafted, heartfelt rock, pop and alt-country songs gained heavy rotation throughout the Northeast. Mark was inducted into the RI Music Hall of Fame in 2015.

Mark continues to add unique entries to the great American songbook and leads a variety of roots-rock bands, combines powerful lyrics with memorable melodies and driving rhythm and  is working on his next release. He also conducts various songwriting workshops with folks from all walks of life, from the banker to the bricklayer to the musician who is looking for another set of ears.  He also holds songwriting workshops and collaborates with people who have various developmental challenges.  Mark has performed for dozens of charities over the decades. He and his band mates have helped raise money for the homeless, the hungry, the sick and for folks who just need a hand.