VetVoices 2020: RI Veterans Share Their Stories

We were thrilled to host the premiere of a new video on November 11, Veteran’s Day 2020!

The video, called VetVoices 2020, is brought to you by the Bay Spring Community Center, Rhode Island Veteran’s Affairs, and Susan Catherine Collyer of Reflections in Rhode Island. It features local veterans who speak movingly about their experiences of war and peace, and personal photos from their time in the service that they shared for the project.

VetVoices2020 was produced and directed by BSCC co-chair Susan Catherine Collyer with the help of assistant producers (and BSCC board members) Mark Cutler, David Cousins, and Jack Ringland. Technical assistants Jack Culton and Xan Maddock of Barrington High School also provided immense help. VetVoices 2020 includes an original score by Mark Cutler.

Because so many people donated their time to the making of this video, we are able to provide it for free viewing. If you enjoy it, please consider making a donation to our friends at Guitars for Vets!

Watch VetVoices 2020 now.