Event Series

The Bay Spring Community Center is pleased to host a number of regularly occurring concert and speakers series on top of our special programs. While our Calendar of Events provides a detailed look at each individual program, here’s an overview of the recurring series of events in Barrington, RI, proudly sponsored by the Bay Spring Community Center.

Sundays Music Series

The Sunday Music Series at the BSCC offers stimulating afternoons of live music, the perfect way to relax at the end of the week (or before you get going again on Monday!). With primarily acoustic performances, the Sunday Music Series bring music of all genres to the Community Center, including early music, choral, classical, jazz, Latin, strings, jazz, and contemporary.

The Currents

The Currents is a new, compelling presentation and discussion series. Inspired by The Moth Radio Hour and This American Life, The Currents brings together East Bay writers, storytellers, artists, and poets who share their thoughts on and interpretations of a single topic for the evening from different perspectives, including:

  • visual arts
  • oral history
  • original fiction and poetry
  • true stories, and
  • professional lives

Family Art Night

Celebrating the art, food, and heritage of different cultures, the Family Art Night series offers opportunities for the entire family to learn while having a wonderful time throughout the year.

Fiddle n Folk Fest

Created by Local Brew Events and supported by the BSCC, the annual Fiddle n Folk Fest brings together amazing bands, dancers, craftspeople, and an audience from around New England to enjoy a day of fantastic free music.

Local Brew Coffeehouse

Local, regional, and national folk musicians gather for the Local Brew Coffeehouse, a regular Saturday evening series that celebrates the diversity of American instrumental and vocal folk music.

Barrington Light Up the Night

One night every year, friends and neighbors join together for the Light Up the Night for Barrington luminary event to celebrate the Winter Solstice, create a glowing sense of community throughout Barrington, and support the arts, music and culture programs at the Bay Spring Community Center.

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