Propose an Event or Activity

Grassroots programming is essential for the FBSCC to provide a diverse, creative series of offerings to the community. We welcome proposals for programs of all sorts – arts, music, crafts, education, community engagement, spoken word, theatre, comedy, and much more.

Please take the time to complete this form in as great a detail as possible. Providing a complete description of your program will enable the Programming Committee to evaluate your proposed program objectively and determine if it is consistent with our Mission. To submit a request, simply complete the Sponsored Program Request Form below.

As we are a volunteer organization, please allow up to two weeks for your proposal to be received and processed. Thank you for your submission. We will contact you should we have questions.

Evaluation Criteria

Friends of the BSCC-sponsored programs:

  1. Will be conducted as a not-for-profit exercise by the applicant. (Applicants desiring the ability to run “for-profit” programs and events must apply to the town for use of the facility at the Town’s published rental rates.)
  2. Will be open to the public and adhere to all non-discrimination policies as held by the Friends of the Bay Spring Community Center.
  3. Will show benefit to the BSCC, either monetary, program awareness, or other intangibles.
  4. Will be self -budgeted and / or budget-neutral unless otherwise voted by the Friends of the Bay Spring Community Center Board.
  5. Will contain family-friendly, unique content.
  6. Will be able to be accommodated by the Bay Spring Community Center’s calendar and resources.

Every event proposed to and held at the Bay Spring Community Center requires an Event Producer. The Event Producer will work with the Friends of the Bay Spring Community Center (FBSCC) to ensure that the event logistics, marketing, and other support are carried out effectively.

>> Click here to download the Event Producer Responsibilities information <<

Note: In addition to programs sponsored by the Friends of the Bay Spring Community Center, the facility is also available for rental and those requests should go directly to the Town of Barrington’s Recreation Department at 401-247-1900 x 9 or via e-mail.

Sponsored Program Request Form