Strategic Plan

StrategicPlan_Cover_ThumbnailThe FBSCC is pleased to announce the launch of the Bay Spring Community Center Three-year Strategic Plan, which will help guide the growth, mission, and programs of the BSCC. The plan was developed with input from key stakeholders including FBSCC committee members, the Town of Barrington, past FBSCC Board Chairs, and the broader community.

It charts a path for the BSCC’s core strategic initiatives, which include:

  • building on the BSCC’s existing partnership with the Town of Barrington
  • expanding the reach of BSCC programs through increased participation by community members throughout Barrington and the East Bay
  • increasing the diversity, scope, and appeal of future performances with local performers and other groups; and
  • establishing a financial, administrative, and volunteer foundation sufficient to sustain and grow the BSCC.

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Do you want to get involved and help make this strategic plan a reality? We’re always looking for enthusiastic volunteers.